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Five Relaxing Video Games On Nintendo Switch

Perhaps a customer yelled at you. Traffic was worse than your GPS predicted. You blanked out in the middle, beginning, and end of your test. That milk tea place you love to go to is closed on Monday and guess what today is? All of these are the makings of a bad, stressful day. What […]

An Important Lesson in Acceptance – Naruto Uzumaki

A very powerful scene from Naruto Shippuden in episode 243 depicts Naruto confronting the darkness inside himself. Dark Naruto reminds Naruto how poorly they were treated by their home, the Leaf Village before they were considered a hero. Anyone who has ever felt like an outcast or who has been wronged can understand why Dark […]

“Is this your first time here?” – Weekend Anime

Before the doorbell could stop ding-a-linging, those are the words that came alongside a warm, inviting smile hidden behind a pair of smart rectangular glasses the first time I went to Weekend Anime. To call it humble is, well, humbling. Usurping the front of a computer repair shop for two short days a week, wire […]

Best Anime For De-Stressing – Danielle Keating

Us weebs/otakus/nerds/anime enthusiasts (or whatever you wish to call yourself) get excited over anime, but have you ever used it to calm down?… more

5 Incredibly Emotional Video Games On The Binx Store

Most of the role-playing fantasy adventure games take you on a journey of emotions and experiences through a stunningly beautiful environment to explore… more

5 Anime That Promote Hope & Happiness – WhataWeeb

As an anime Youtuber I watch a lot of anime. I wanted to talk about some of these gems that really do help promote and image of hope and happiness. Anime characters can face… more

The Must-Read Manga of 2018 – Manga Therapy

2018 has been quite a year for anime, but it was also another year of standout manga in the West. Although it does feel like we’re about to hit peak saturation, there’s never been a better time to be a manga fan than now. Publishers have been paying more attention to the readers’ interests. From […]