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Anime For Humanity

Anime For Humanity is a 501©(3) non-profit charity dedicated to using anime, cosplay, and video games as a medium to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. We attend conventions all over the nation to meet people face to face, start conversations that spark change, and hand out resources to anyone looking for support and community.

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The Anime Therapy Kits contains anime recommendations, mental health resources, contact information, and a spark of joy to remind people that it’s okay to reach out and ask for help. Getting an Anime Therapy Kit in someone’s hands means we’ve reached them with tools and resources to use in times of crisis.

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January 9th 2020

Anime Los Angeles

Anime Therapy Kits handed: 493




Anime Boston


Fan Dallas Expo



Our impact

We handed 12,469 anime therapy kits so far!

Over the course of one year, we traveled 61,800 miles across the nation to hand out our Anime Therapy Kits, providing more than 10,000 people with mental health resources they can reach out to in times of crisis.

Contributions made to Anime For Humanity drive our ability to print The Anime Therapy Kits and provide them for free to anyone who is looking for hope and professional help.

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