As crazy as it may sound, video games can allow you to lower your blood pressure, improve your focus, and attain a Zen state, which you typically associate with Yoga or other forms of meditations.  Most of the role-playing fantasy adventure games take you on a journey of emotions and experiences through a stunningly beautiful environment to explore. They allow you to reconnect with nature in many ways and find a glimpses of gratefulness in the simple things in life.  These are the list of 5 games you can find in the BINX store, that can allow you to stay in the moment and reconnect more efficiently:


Owl boy is a 2D, action adventure role-playing game that involves taking on the role of the protagonist, Otus across a beautiful metropolis. The locations in the game are bright and uplifting and are marked with some incredible set pieces. The games artistic brilliance, adds to its compelling story which takes you on a nostalgic journey of the games of yesteryears. The soundtrack beautifully complements the shifting landscapes in the game. The entertaining exchanges between other characters in the game beautifully mix with the explorative aspects of the game. All in all the games atmospheric elements allow for the players to relax and marvel at the beauty of the game.


Silence takes you on a magical journey through a quaint Alpine village. The atmosphere depicts a picture of absolute harmony where the protagonists Noah and Rubin reside. Noah narrates the story of the Silence, an imaginary place he created for himself to fight through his coma. Upon describing the story, a bomb drops near their home, which incapacitated them both, and the scenes from Silence started surfacing. Noah could not find Rubin nearby and has to fight through the magnificent world that he created. The world is rich and is marked by summer sunshine, lush grass, talking rocks, mountain ranges, and other attractive elements. The string led melodies of the game to add to its grandeur along beautifully presented set pieces. The locations in the game are picturesque and all in creating the perfect recipe for one to relax and enjoy the magnificence of the game.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Epistory – Typing Chronicles is essentially a typing game with a gorgeous backdrop. You play as a girl on a fox, trotting around in 2D forest, to achieve specific objectives by typing in the correct words. Typing in words allows you to remove barriers, enemies and other frustrating set pieces. At first, the enemies are inanimate logs, but soon a wide variety of enemies spring up which can test your mettle as a gamer. The more words you’re able to string through, the more points you get through combinations. You also get abilities to speed your fox and your main lead. The game is excellent at stimulating your mind, without creating an unbelievably tense environment that most video games tend to produce. Though the prospect of typing in words in a swift manner, may seem like a daunting prospect, in reality, it turns into a therapeutic exercise altogether.

Celia’s Quest

Celia’s Quest is a girl’s journey in proving her mettle, in finding her friend from a gang of evil bandits. This is the first game in the series and marks the birth of the gaming heroine. The game begins with Celia, traveling to Villageville, along with her friends on an adventure. However, they are intercepted by evil bandits, who kidnap Celia’s friend. The game involves a complex number of puzzles, and secret areas to explore. Furthermore, it involves many strategies, and possible paths for the players to develop and progress along in the game. The melodious tunes in the background add to the epic feel in the game. There are many humorous moments in the game, which transforms the game from being a close complete game to becoming a comedy for the most part. Therefore, it is plausible for people to feel tense at first about the subject matter of the game, but in reality, it turns into a fun experience, solving puzzles and riddles, which ultimately make it a stimulating experience.


Prism is a 2D puzzle game where you have to go through many unique challenges to build more XP and abilities. It continually adds new interactive set pieces, and colorful elements on the screen for the player to assess and find ways of working around them. The game focuses on music, art, and gameplay in unison to create a fulfilling experience for the users. A good, engaging puzzle, can eliminate stress and allow for a more healthy and active mind. People believe that challenging your brain may create tension and anxiety; however, it is the very opposite.

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