The Anime Therapy Kits are our mission in a bottle. They contain mental health resources, contact information, and little sparks of joy to help people know someone is there for them. If it’s the only time our paths cross, getting a therapy kit in someone’s hands means we’ve given them the tools to take a step in a positive direction.

What’s in The Kit

Mental Health Resources: A list of contacts, numbers, and websites to make sure you always have somewhere to reach out when times get rough.

Bookmark: A reminder that you’re always allowed to pause, breathe, and come back to where you were when you’re ready.

Postcard: A way to reach out and remind the loved ones that even though you are not there, you are thinking of them.

Pokemon Energy Card: Use this card to charge up, reach your full potential, and deal with all the challenges ahead of you.

NoFace Pin: A character who wanted nothing more to find their place and find a friend. He is there to remind you that you are not alone.

Stream Friendly Spaces: A safe, comfortable, and inviting places to have some fun, relax, chat, open up, and make some new friends.

Ki-Chan Poster & Pin: Ki-Chan is a reminder that if you are struggling with mental health, your matter and you are unique on your own ways.

Fortune Cookie: A little wisdom and a little hope, all wrapped up in a tasty little cookie.