Our vision is about so much more than just raising awareness about mental health. We believe that Anime. Cosplay and Video Games give us an opportunity to move people from silence to honesty, from isolation to community, from pain to hope and help. By attending Anime and Gaming conventions all over the nation we get to start conversations that spark change, raise awareness for mental health and  hand out resources to anyone looking for help, support and community.


The misconceptions surrounding the stigma of mental health are many. Anime For Humanity promotes education and awareness through articles, panels and online media.


We provide encouragement and inspiration through anime, cosplay and video games to help people to reach out  and connect to credible resources through our find healing  page.


Beyond treatment, we believe community is essential. Our goal is to to create a positive community that shares the message of hope and believes in the reality of treatment and recovery.

We believe we can create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented. We affirm that attendees deserve to know it’s okay to talk about what they are struggling with. It’s easy to feel hopeless but we have hope that things will change. We’ll do our part to make sure they know they are HEARD SEEN and LOVED.