An Important Lesson in Acceptance Naruto Uzumaki Taught Me

A very powerful scene from Naruto Shippuden in episode 243 depicts Naruto confronting the darkness inside himself. Dark Naruto reminds Naruto how poorly they were treated by their home, the Leaf Village before they were considered a hero. Anyone who has ever felt like an outcast or who has been wronged can understand why Dark Naruto has a hard time forgetting how they were treated. Dark Naruto goes on to say how he is the reason Naruto has gotten to where he is today. Anger is a powerful emotion and it is one Naruto has at times relied on to battle strong foes. However, it is often at the cost of him losing control and hurting ones he loves as well.

Overcoming his inner darkness is considered to be the first step to truly mastering the raw power of The Nine-Tails inside of Naruto. This makes sense because in order to gain control over his full potential he must first gain control of himself and his emotions. If Naruto were to start unlocking the true power of The Nine-Tails before gaining control over his anger and resentment then he could easily hurt someone he really cares about if he loses control. After their battle ends in a stalemate Dark Naruto asks Naruto if he feels his inner darkness is simply in his way. At this moment Naruto is able to do something very powerful and difficult. He acknowledges how important Dark Naruto’s power was in protecting him during an extremely difficult time when he was treated as an outcast. Naruto admits he has gotten this strong today because that anger and resentment empowered him to become stronger when he felt weak.

At that moment Naruto realizes he does not need to fight his emotions of anger and resentment, he accepts what they did for him during a time when he did not believe in himself. He was finally able to let go because he no longer needs his anger for strength because he is confident in himself now in a way he was not capable of when he was younger and alone, and everyone was telling him he was nothing.

Much like Naruto, we can sometimes struggle with feelings of anger and resentment. It is important to remember although sometimes emotions like that are deemed to be bad they are natural emotions and are nothing to be ashamed of because when someone wrongs us we have a right to feel angry. Emotions like anger are not inherently bad it is about how we use and release those emotions. Naruto used them as motivation to empower himself and grow strong and to prove to the very people who treated him poorly wrong by showing them he is not just a nobody by protecting them with his strength.

He could have let his anger and resentment consume him and vow to destroy the village but instead did the opposite. Naruto gives us a great example of how to handle anger and resentment in a healthy manner. Those feelings can empower us in a way that sadness does not always do. Naruto moved from being sad and feeling like a victim about treated poorly as a young kid to feeling angry about it and empowering himself to finally feeling secure in who he is and that everything he went through has made him who he is today.

Next time you are feeling some anger about being treated unfairly consider what that anger is trying to tell you and what you can do about. Remember emotions can be a powerful guide that we can use to enrich our lives.

If you feel your emotions are controlling you in a way that is making your life difficult or unmanageable consider seeking professional help from a licensed therapist who can help you along your journey to believe in yourself and find your inner-strength as Naruto did.

About the author: Christian is a counseling student who enjoys video games and anime. He has a passion for helping people enrich their lives through developing healthy relationships and promoting valuable mental health practices. 

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