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Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

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adults in America
experience a mental illness.

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didn’t receive mental health
services in the previous year.

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people suffer from depression worldwide.


May is the Mental Health Awareness Month. It give us a unique opportunity to start as many conversations about mental health. Our theme “Anime is My Therapy” will share how anime has been an inspiration and an encouragement in our community to reach out and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health

The anime community is full of awesome people with incredible stories of how anime characters can relate to us and help us understand our feelings and what we might be going through.
Here are a few:

You & Anime!

Stigma Free Anime Library

Anime That Got Mental Health Just Right

Below is our Animay Library that openly display mental illnesses. Fans can relate to the characters battling depression, social anxiety, suicidal thoughts, grief over the loss of a loved one. These themes eases us into a journey of hope and healing. 

Help US Grow The Happy Feelings Animay Library!


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