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Top 5 Anime to Watch on Hulu

Hulu logo Hulu has a multitude of genres of shows to watch for any given viewer. Anime is no exception. With over 50 anime titles in it’s catalog, there’s bound to be something for every viewer. While Hulu has many great anime titles, it does not have the entire series available. For this list, we’re going to recommend 5 shows that are fully available on this service, subbed and/or dubbed for your binging needs.

Death Parade Title card

Death Parade

Don’t let this iconic opening fool you; you will be having existential and moral crises every episode. Based on the short film Death Billiards, created by Madhouse as a part of the Young Animator Training Project’s Anime Mirai 2013 project, Death Parade expands on the plot of the short film by following Decim, a lone bartender, who puts recently deceased souls through Death Games. Each of his guests participate in different Death Games that seem relatively mundane at first, but as the stakes go up, the guests memories and imaginations begin to run wild which leads to an interesting turn of events. These games are meant to help Decim, an arbiter, decide which souls will be reincarnated or go into the void for eternity. If you love psychological shows that explore the human condition, then Death Parade is a must watch. All 12 subbed episodes of Death Parade are currently streaming on Hulu. My Love Story Title Card

My Love Story

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have this tooth-rottingly sweet of an anime, My Love Story. My Love Story follows Gouda Takeo, a tall, muscular, and kinda intimidating at first sight teenager who is actually the biggest sweetheart on the planet. He doesn’t have much luck with girls due to girls fawning over his perfect best friend, Sunakawa Makoto; however, all of that changes one fateful day when he saves Yamato Rinko from a groper on the train. Unlike many shojo anime where we’re used to seeing the two main romantic leads fawn over each other for the entire series, this show cuts that process short and instead focuses on their budding relationship and all of the sweetness that comes with a first love. We get to see the courting process that involves Yamato non-stop baking sweets for Takeo to taste, the dating process where Takeo works a male hooters to save up enough money to take Yamato out on a date, and the couple having individual mental breakdowns trying to work up the courage to hold hands and kiss. With non-stop laughs and cute antics, My Love Story is the perfect binge for someone who wants to experience/re-experience falling in love for the first time. All 24 subbed episodes of My Love Story are currently streaming on Hulu. Trigun Title Card


The legend of the 60 million double dollar man, Vash the Stampede, a famous gunman, is one that inspired anime fans throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This legendary post apocalyptic sci-fi western follows Vash the Stampede, the so-called “Humanoid Typhoon” who is known for leveling entire cities. However, that is further from the truth, the thing about Vash is that he is a pacifist and only fights his attackers by disarming them and avoids inflicting mortal wounds during combat. On top of that, he makes sure that no casualties occur as a result of his visits, despite the tall tales of him being a bloodthirsty villain that takes joy in death and destruction. He’s a big softie at heart and his cheerful personality, coupled with his iconic catchphrase: “Hey, sorry. Love and peace?” makes it hard to hate this vagabond. The series follows Vash as he travels around the post-apocalyptic planet Gunsmoke, followed by two insurance agents, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who do their best to try to diffuse situations that would lead to more issues for their workload. Over time, the trio’s comical misadventures turn dire as Vash confronts his dark past and his resolve pushes him to his limits. All 26 episodes subbed and dubbed of Trigun are currently streaming, including the film Badlands Rumble.

Stars Align Title Card

Stars Align

Don’t be fooled by the title card, Stars Align is not a feel good sports anime. It’s a coming-of-age story of a boys’ soft tennis club that is about to disband due to the lack of results and skill. Toma Shinjo is desperate for members, so he olds a recruitment drive, but comes up empty. Around this time, Maki Katsuragi transfers in and Shinjo follows him around until Maki caves and joins the team if Shinjo pays for his expenses. Once Maki joins the team, he immediately outshines the rest of his team with his almost natural perfect form and athleticism. This creates a rift with the team, but Maki easily bridges it by challenging his teammates to get better than him which sparks a fire within the team. The series focuses on the friendly rivalry amongst the teammates that builds trust and camaraderie.These bonds prove to be important in order for these children to endure their own personal problems and dealing with much darker circumstances at home. This series was originally planned to be 24 episodes, but due to some issues with the  production committee, the series was cut in half at the last minute. While the series was never truly finished, the current 12 episodes of this show are truly worth watching. Trigger warnings for: child abuse. All 12 subbed and dubbed episodes of Stars Align are currently streaming on Hulu.

Gangsta Title Card


Looking for a gritty crime action drama? Gangsta is the show for you! In the city of Ergastalum, “Handymen” Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo are two mercenaries no one wants to mess with. They have backgrounds in working with and against the law, staying loyal to their highest bidder, and have no qualms about it. They live a relatively peaceful life in a putrid city run by criminals and crooked cops, but it serves as a safe haven for “Twilights”, super-human beings born as the result of a special drug. During a job to eradicate a gang, Worick takes the sole survivor, Alex, under his wing, and she forms a friendship with the two Handymen. However, a period of change is on the rise with Ergastalum becoming the center of a war. The focus? Eradicating Twilights. The question is: Will Nick, Worick, and Alex survive? Trigger warnings for: drugs, prostitution, gore All 12 subbed episodes of Gangsta are currently streaming on Hulu.

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