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Five Relaxing Video Games On Nintendo Switch

Perhaps a customer yelled at you. Traffic was worse than your GPS predicted. You blanked out in the middle, beginning,… more

An Important Lesson in Acceptance – Naruto Uzumaki

A very powerful scene from Naruto Shippuden in episode 243 depicts Naruto confronting the darkness inside himself. Dark Naruto reminds… more

“Is this your first time here?” – Weekend Anime

Before the doorbell could stop ding-a-linging, those are the words that came alongside a warm, inviting smile hidden behind a… more

Best Anime For De-Stressing – Danielle Keating

Us weebs/otakus/nerds/anime enthusiasts (or whatever you wish to call yourself) get excited over anime, but have you ever used it to calm down?… more

5 Incredibly Emotional Video Games On The Binx Store

Most of the role-playing fantasy adventure games take you on a journey of emotions and experiences through a stunningly beautiful environment to explore… more

5 Anime That Promote Hope & Happiness – WhataWeeb

As an anime Youtuber I watch a lot of anime. I wanted to talk about some of these gems that really do help promote and image of hope and happiness. Anime characters can face… more

The Must-Read Manga of 2018 – Manga Therapy

2018 has been quite a year for anime, but it was also another year of standout manga in the West.… more