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As a gamer, you’ve learned about wounds lowering your HP bar, the difficulty levels in the game and asking help from NPCs to level up and continue your journey.

QuickSave is our pop up event at meet ups,  gaming stores and conventions to remind our fellow gamers that it’s okay to reach out and ask for help. That their mental health matters and it’s important to Quicksave their progress, take a break to reload, and restart again.

Past Pop Up Event

During the National Suicide Prevention Week, we partnered with the Orlando Microsoft Store to play video games and raise awareness for mental health.

upcoming quicksave

February 22 2020

Dreamhack Anaheim

Get Invovled

It’s important for gamers to reach out and provide support to anyone looking for help. Here are some useful tips and chat commands to add to your live streams.

  • Commands

You are not ALONE and it’s okay to ask for help. Find more resources following this link: https://www.animeforhumanity.org/healing/

Anime For Humanity is a 501©(3) charity non-profit dedicated to use Anime, Cosplay and Video Games as a medium to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. For more information, please visit

Take part of the conversation and learn how to advocate and level up mental health in the gaming community by visiting

DO: Educate regarding mental health concerns, as well as commonly used coping strategies for various concerns. “Anxiety is NO FUN! One common technique that people use is called “Alternate Nostril Breathing”  Have you heard of it before? No? It’s fascinating. I can refer you to some resources if you’d like to learn more” 

DO: Empathically inquire as to what solutions they (the viewers) successfully used for their specific challenges in the past. “I know each person is different and what works for you might not work for me. What’s worked for your anxiety in the past? Do you play games to cope with it? What kind of games do you play?” 

DON’T: Abruptly end the conversation. Emphasize the importance of the conversation to the viewers and gently mention that you can’t provide as much help “This is clearly important to you which has a lot of impact in your life. I fear that this may be beyond what I can address and more than we can tackle here on chat.  Do you have someone you can talk to? Like a trusted friend or therapist?” If the answer is No, ask “ Would it be okay with you if I gave you some of our resources and tips for finding someone to talk to and therapists who are near you?” 

DON’T: Offer treatment recommendations or make comments such as: “You have depression? You are fine, you just need to cheer up…”

DON'T: Put anyone's mental health before your own. You are allowed to say you can't help someone at the moment. You are allowed to say no. Never feel like you need to help others at your own expense. You are allowed healthy boundaries.

Host a quicksave

Let’s Level Up MENTAL HEALTH in The Gaming Community.