Thank you for your interest in fundraising for Anime For Humanity. As a gamer, you've learned about wounds lowering your HP bar, the difficulty levels in the game and asking help from NPCs to level up and continue your journey.

Many people are struggling silently. They might not know where to look for help and we’re asking you to help us reach them. Here's how you'll help make a difference!


Attending conventions might not be an option for people struggling with social anxiety and mental health, Help us ship 100 Anime Therapy Kit to their doorstep for free.


Raising $500 will help us continue sharing the message of hope through printing hundreds of Anime Therapy kits to hand out at conventions.


Your gift allow us to secure a booth a convention. It's where we can hand our Anime Therapy kits and connect people to professional help.


Anime For Humanity is a volunteer based charity non-profit that uses Anime, cosplay and video games as a medium to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health.

Anime for Humanity has handed over 10,000 Anime Therapy kits in one year. That is more than 10,000 people with mental health resources in their hands.

Anime For Humanity exhibit at conventions all over the nation to start conversations and provide mental health resources attendees through the Anime Therapy Kit.

For a little under $1, Anime For Humanity provides an Anime Therapy kit to someone who might be looking for help and not know where to find it.

The Anime Therapy kits contain anime recommendations, mental health resources, and a spark of joy to remind them that its' okay to reach out and ask for help.

All donations made to Anime For Humanity go directly to printing Anime Therapy Kits, running local gaming events and securing booths at conventions.

Stream Practices

Here is a timeline to keep in mind when you’re setting up and running your fundraising campaign. If it’s your first campaign, we suggest you give yourself at least two weeks to set up the campaign so you have time to promote the event.

Before You Stream

Create your Tiltify Campaign

Sign up on Tiltify and start a new campaign, adding in all your details, like campaign date and goal.

Promos & Graphics

Maximize your fundraising potential with our brand guide, messaging and social media graphics. Download below!



Social Media & Incentives

Tell your friends and family that you’re hosting a fundraiser through your social media. For a fun stream, we encourage streamers to have a few incentives in their campaign.

Helpful Bot Commands

Here are some useful chat commands to add before your fundraising event. Feel free to add your own!


I’m raising money to support To Anime For Humanity. Your gift will make it possible to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health through Anime, cosplay and video games. For more information, please visit


For a little under $1, Anime For Humanity provides an Anime Therapy kit to someone who might be looking for help and not know where to find it. To make a donation, click here! [Insert Your LINK]


You are not ALONE and it’s okay to ask for help. Find more resources following this link:

When You Stream

Why Mental Health?

Be sure to introduce what you’re doing and why! See our suggested “Talking Points” for tips on how to talk about Anime For Humanity. Sharing with your viewers what mental health is to you and reminding them why it is important to reach out for help can be a great way to challenge the stigma!

About The Anime Therapy Kit

Have Fun

Be yourself. Enjoy the stream. Have a great time!



Be sure to thank the people who supported or donated for the cause.

Post Stream Victory

Celebrate & Share

You did it! Regardless of how much you raised, know that you’re raising awareness for mental health and that could save someone’s life.

Thank You