Top Anime Games on Steam

Top 7 Anime Games on Steam!

Have you been looking for fun anime games to play? At Anime For Humanity, our top video game connoisseurs have curated a hand-picked list of our top anime games for you to play, all available on Steam!

 Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Love this wholesome Studio Trigger anime? Want to be more involved in the magical world containing Luna Nova? Look no further! While not as widely advertised, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is on a HUGE discount right now! With familiar Bandai Namco 3D modeling and cutscenes by Studio Trigger, it’s a chill RPG for fans looking for more high-quality content. It’s also fan-recommended that you watch the anime first, in case you were curious. This game takes about 18-60 hours to play, depending on if you focus on the main story or want to be a completionist.

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Persona 4: Golden


In Persona 4 Golden, you play as a high schooler who has recently moved in with his uncle and cousin since his parents are working abroad. However, the town started having a series of murders occurring in which you and the friends you make along the way will begin to investigate it. I promise this game will make you go through a rollercoaster of emotions in a good way. The length of the game ranges between 80 – 130 hours due to the new content provided!

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Persona 5: Strikers

The Phantom Thieves are back at it again in Persona 5 Strikers which is a sequel to Persona 5! Play as Joker and the rest of the Phantom Thieves to strike back against the corruption overtaking cities across Japan. You do have to have some knowledge of what happened in Persona 5 to understand the character’s back stories. However, this game is so much to play especially since now you can play as any of the Phantom Thieves such as Makoto, Yosuke, etc. The length of the game ranges between 50 – 90 hours!

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Catherine Classic


Another game we had to add is Catherine Classic in which you play as an individual named Vincent who has to decide whether to marry his loving girlfriend or move forward in life with a blonde woman named Catherine! This a mature game for individuals who enjoy a mix of action, adventure, and puzzle games. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys being on the edge of their seat and action puzzles! You get also decide for the fate for the main character Vincent. Therefore, there are multiple endings in this game! The length of the game ranges between 12 – 20 hours.

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Stein’s Gate


If you want non-linear, immersive visual novels, Stein’s Gate is definitely a great fit. This franchise has continued success over the years, with a relatively famous anime adaptation and a special place in the sci-fi and psychological thriller genres. If you’ve yet to explore every game, grab any of their Steam releases for half price! The original contains about 30-50 hours on gameplay.

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Clannad is one of the most beloved visual novels by Key, who in turn is one of the most beloved VN developers, but that unmistakable quality tends to come with a higher price point. Clannad also includes the side stories and the game Tomoyo After now. Other DLC, including the manga anthology and art book, are an option to purchase. Make sure to buy some tissues and prepare yourself for a wonderful visual novel. You’ll need them.

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My Hero One’s Justice 2


Have you ever felt like beating up Mineta? Yes? We thought so. While it may not have the in-depth stories of the previous games, My Hero One’s Justice 2 is a high-quality 3D fighting game full of our favorite characters, epic animations, and more customization options than ever before. All DLCs are so much fun in our opinion and it also includes a season pass! Plus Ultra!

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Let us know down below which of these games you enjoyed! 

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